2017 SDGC Member Garden Award goes to…….

Sandy Gelman and Derek McAleer


A note from Sandy:

To the Garden Club Members, Thank you so much for bestowing the Garden Club Member Garden Award to us.  I was stunned, in shock, overwhelmed and honored all at the same time.  And, thank you for including my husband, Derek!

This summer has been a treasured healthy summer, allowing us to stay at home, and enjoy gardening for the entire summer.  What a blessing! We have had much work to do this summer, to get the gardens in shape after several summers with less time for gardening, and more time for health healing.   But as you know, gardening is healing, and when we are gardening, we get lost in time.  What a JOY!

Please enjoy these photos from Sandy and Derek’s gardens:








Before and during…….Our neighbor Kate, named the main garden “Tomato Alley”.  Over 100 tomato plants, planted in over 30 half whiskey barrels.






Over 15 varieties planted.  These all transitioned to oven dried, sauced, zip lock frozen, BLT’s, salsa, gazpacho, etc.









This old milk bucket is from my dad.  White flowers are pouring out of it.