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Arbor Day Seedling Workshop

On  April 27th, SDGC volunteers met at Huntree Nursery for our Arbor Day Seedling Workshop.  We bagged and labeled 200 Norway Spruce to hand out to the Kindergarten classes in Fennville and Douglas.  The children can then plant their seedling in the place of their choice.


Saugatuck Middle School Fun

The SDGC has an annual holiday project that is created with the 6th grade classes at Saugatuck Middle School. Each child makes 2 small centerpieces. After they are completed, they take one home for the holiday and the other one goes to our 2 local nursing facilities; Grace of Douglas on Wiley Road and Golden Orchards just outside of Fennville.

Materials used are red cups, pine cones, unbreakable ornaments and ribbon. Walter Klimchek (Walter the Wonderful) leads the children on how to make the bows and how to assemble the arrangement. A wide variety of conifer branches are used, all collected and donated each year by Brendt Sheridan. All other materials used are donated by the Garden club members.

All members and Walter gather at the school by 7:45 am and get busy by trimming all of the conifer branches. The wonderful SDGC volunteers and Walter (the wonderful) help the children put the centerpieces together. A lot of fun and laughter takes place, especially trying to teach 12 year old boys how to make a bow!


Notes were written on each arrangement.



Walter the Wonderful




District IV Meeting

The SDGC hosted the annual District IV Michigan Garden Club meeting on September 19th at the Douglas Community Church.  The Michigan Garden Clubs, Inc is a member of Central Region and National Garden Clubs, Inc.

dsc_1507                        dsc_1472dsc_1503  dsc_1504

dsc_1496     dsc_1482

dsc_1508 dsc_1502 dsc_1501 dsc_1477 dsc_1486 dsc_1465

In addition to business meetings we had 2 presentations:

Paul Surian, from Blue Horizon Nursery and Gardens in South Haven, spoke about how they graft many rare and unusual plants including dwarf ginkgoes, conifers, Japanese Maples and more.


In the afternoon Bill BIrd spoke about The “Narnia” of the gardening world is not an imaginary place… it really exists!


And there were vendors galore!

dsc_1492 dsc_1491 dsc_1495 dsc_1488 dsc_1484 dsc_1479 dsc_1478 dsc_1470

dsc_1490 dsc_1464

Scholarship Luncheon

Please meet our two scholarship award recipients, Alex and Alex!

Alex Kruithof

Alex Kruithof

Alex Overhiser

Alex Overhiser

We recognized these students during a luncheon at The Southerner in Saugatuck.  Alex Kruithof is a graduate from Saugatuck and Alex Overhiser is a graduate from Fennville.  Below are some other photos from the luncheon.

dsc_0525 dsc_0527 dsc_0533 dsc_0534 dsc_0535 dsc_0536 dsc_0537 dsc_0539 dsc_0540 dsc_0541 dsc_0542 dsc_0543

Arbor Day 2016

Thank you to the 13 members who came to help bag and label Norway Spruce seedlings. We bagged and tagged about 250 seedlings which will be distributed to Douglas and Fennville Elementary schools’ Kindergarten classes for Arbor Day.

Many thanks to Jan Landry of Huntree Nursery for letting us use the space, getting us the seedlings and the beautiful black soil. Jan also took the pictures below.

IMG_2312           IMG_2318

Many thanks to Marilyn Batchelor and Jean Gnagi for organizing us.

Some more great news. Because of Cathy Carmichael’s charming personality and good looks and clean fingernails, she was able to get us the money to pay our summer 6th grade watering person. Twin Oaks Bed and Breakfast in Saugatuck donated all of the money to pay our summer waterer.
Many, many thanks to Twin Oaks and Cathy.

Tea Anyone?

DSC_5118 Welcome back garden club members! We are looking forward to another nine months of learning, volunteering, awarding scholarships, and having fun.

SDGC will hold our first meeting of 2016 on April 18th at 2:00. It is our Welcome Back Tea event. We ask members and invited guests to attend this meeting.  Come hungry as we will have lots of goodies!  Visit with your fellow gardeners and catch up on winter activities.  Following will be an agenda consisting of updates on our exciting year ahead.

The hostess for the event is Charlotte Vanneck.  The Co-hostesses are Carol Carra, Margo Bultman, Char Stewart, Jane Dreyer, Barb Welk, Janet Ryskamp and Gina Demos (the tea lady!)

Any questions you may have please call Charlotte at 269.857.1173