Saugatuck Community Pride Day 2021

Each year Saugatuck sixth graders assist the garden club with their efforts to beautify Saugatuck. Planters are placed along the city sidewalks, then the students join the garden club members in planting lovely flowers. This project fosters a sense of pride in the community from our young people and teaches them how they can make a difference.

Based on the number of volunteers who sign up, the teachers divide the students into groups of four to five kids. They join us at 9:00 am. The kids sit down for a demonstration about types of flowers, how to plant a perfect pot, a little bit about the garden club, community service, etc. The mayor of Saugatuck gives an encouraging speech. The group will do a practice pot, meet their assigned volunteer, pick out their flowers to plant…then set out with SDGC members to work on their pots. This year we finished with cookies and refreshments at Pumpernickel’s. A big thank you to Phil and Carrie Caldwell!